Platinum Personal Assistance Program

Our professional management team, along with your family, advisors, and clinical providers can develop a personalized Platinum Personal Assistance Program to enable your family member to have a one on one personal assistant.  This service can provide families with the peace of mind to know that their loved ones can have a personal caregiver, nurse, or other assistant as needed.

Our team is here to create a customized, personal experience for each family by catering to their unique preferences.

Whether it’s a personal companion for an outing, doctor’s visit, or leisurely stroll in La Jolla, our team can provide your family member with the personalized, extra attention they deserve. Platinum Personal Assistance can provide each family with peace of mind whether it is over night, around the clock, or just for an afternoon.

Our Platinum Personal Assistance Program was designed to meet the needs of our residents, no matter what level of companionship, caregiving, or service that is needed.  We look forward to discussing this option with you.

An elderly man on a walk with a care assistant.